The first three episodes of The Shortest Distance web series complete!







After being sidetracked by other projects and an epic move across the country, we were again able to focus on the revised animation. Many hours of hard work went into developing a visual scenario to accompany the audio recording, and we decided to divide it into a webisode format.


SEPT 2013
The Shortest Distance cast/listening party is held at El Chavito on Sunset Blvd in East Hollywood, CA, where an early version of the animation was test-screened on a wall. Celebratory Margaritas and taquitos were had by all. The addition of visuals was well received, and we decided to develop a more comprensive animated film version.









The MUSIC VIDEO for the song LEAVE IT ALONE (that was peformed live in
The Shortest Distance) is completed online!

Starring Andrew Gilbert as Cornelius

featuring the Have Nots Radio Trio

song by Rocky Hickey



MAY 2013
The Shortest Distance premieres in full length, unedited form on Atlanta Fringe Radio as part of the Atlanta Fringe Festival.





The recording of the live performance is mixed and mastered at Kingsize Sound Studios in Los Angeles.

APRIL 2013
We premiered a live performance of THE SHORTEST DISTANCE on April 13 and it went great. We are very grateful to the fantastic, participatory audiences for both performances, to the amazingly talented and creative cast, to the stellar talents of our director Lila Stone/Stacy. The Silver Palm Trio also added much to the evening, playing the pre-show music and accompanying the performance. Next will be mixing and sending off the audio file to the Atlanta Fringe Fest, where the play will be available for streaming for the duration of the fest.

The play is a farce about a power-mad oil-baron named Harry Heinous, who tries to drill through the center of the Earth to steal oil from beneath the Middle East, and causes the disaster of disasters. We decided to perform it live in front of an audience to get the most inspired performances we could, especially with the short rehearsal schedule. Musical and dance sequences were added (in spite of the fact that it's a radio play!) to enhance the audience experience. The audience was also invited to participate in some of the scenes, including a protest rally and a conference of Yetis.

THE SHORTEST DISTANCE was an experiment, using a comedic farce-format with fast-paced radio play delivery to confront un-fun topics like corporate greed, human greed, and the oil industry. It was also an experiment in recording a live performance with a live band and live foley sound effects.We'll be in the mixing room next week to see if the experiment has positive results!





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